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AAPS Board Approves Contracts, 2015-16 Calendar; Meeting Ends Abruptly Amid Chants of “Shame on You”

Ann Arbor Public Schools Board of Education regular meeting (June 30, 2015):

Skyline High School Auditorium:

7:01 PM Board President Deb Mexicotte thanked everyone for showing up and apologized, saying the board was going to be in executive session until about 7:15 PM. The board has been in executive session since 6:30 PM, for negotiation and attorney/client privilege.

7:13 PM Board members begin to file in. Mexicotte and Trustee Andy Thomas are first at the table.

7:17 PM Trustees Simone Lightfoot, Susan Baskett, Patricia Manley, and Donna Lasinski are also at the table. Vice President Christine Stead will not attend tonight’s meeting. She’s absent due to travel related to work.

7:20 PM Mexicotte calls the meeting to order.

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AAPS Board OKs Labor Deals, Policy Changes

Ann Arbor Public Schools (AAPS) board of education regular meeting (June 24, 2015):

7:02 PM Huron High School auditorium continues to fill up. The trustees are not seated, most likely still in their executive session.

7:12 PM So far, approximately 200 people are in the audience for tonight’s meeting, and more continue to enter the auditorium. Trustee Andy Thomas is the sole trustee at the table.

7:16 PM Vice President Christine Stead and Trustees Donna Lasinski and Susan Baskett approach the table.

7:19 PM President Deb Mexicotte and Trustee Patricia Manley have now sat down.

7:21 PM Superintendent Jeanice Swift and Trustee Simone Lightfoot have joined them. The entire board is present, but the meeting has not yet been called to order. The audience has grown to ~275 people, many wearing blue Support Ann Arbor Teacher shirts.

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AAPS Board Looks to Save by Outsourcing Grounds Maintenance, Hears BIS Program Updates

Ann Arbor Public Schools (AAPS) board of education regular meeting/study session (June 17, 2015): 

7:01 PM Forsythe Middle School. All trustees, except for Patricia Manley, are present.

7:03 PM Board of Education President Deb Mexicotte calls the meeting to order. She notes that Manley is out of town.

No changes or additions made to the agenda – the agenda is approved unanimously.

7:05 Public Commentary: no one is signed up

Less of an audience at this board meeting than the previous.
Less of an audience at this board meeting than the previous.

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