the box – september 23

sept 23

Our share from Our Family Farm: a huge bunch of broccoli, a head of lettuce, six hot hot hot jalapenos, a handful of banana peppers, three eating peppers (two a gorgeous purple, one a deep red), a smallish butternut squash, one very long and skinny eggplant (chosen by the girl), two quarts of potatoes, three onions, a dozen eggs, and yay! our first taste of Farmer John’s honey.

I’m excited to take Farmer John up on his offer of checking out his apiary. When I talked to him about beekeeping, he recommended a book to me and told me after I had read it, he would be more than happy to take me out to his hives and show me what’s all involved.

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2 responses to “the box – september 23

  1. You should start bee keeping….sounds cool!

  2. Yes… Let us unleash the bees!

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