a new season, a new adventure!

Enough of not writing on annarbivore. I used to love posting things and now I can’t ever seem to make the time. Now that there’s a chill in the air, I want to be cooking things more and baking more. So join me! I’m embarking on a new culinary adventure!
I love cookbooks something fierce and when I buy a new one, I pore over it, imagining all of the wonderful meals I am going to make. And then reality sets in and I choose about three recipes out of it to go into my standard rotation and then that’s about it.
I don’t want that to keep happening. So, I’ve decided I’m going to try going through a cookbook over the course of a year. I’m keeping it simple this time with Rose Levy Beranbaum’s The Bread Bible. Why did I choose The Bread Bible, you ask? I want to make bread. I want to knead dough with my hands, I want the smell of baking bread filling my house, I want to get closer to some very basic nourishment. And, have you looked through that book? There are some amazing recipes in there.
According to my math, I need to make one recipe every four days or so. That’s a lot of bread-y goodness. I’m working out my rules right now. Do I need rules? For me, yes. I’ll get those posted soon. (And you know me. I’ll be on that). Karl has suggested I begin on November 5, for no other reason than he likes saying, “Remember, remember the fifth of November.” To humor him, I said I’ll start then. 

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