at the market – 29 July


I always get the feeling I am missing out by picking up my CSA share at the farmer’s market on Wednesdays instead of Saturdays. Whenever I make it to the market on the weekend, there is just so much more energy and more of a crowd. But this Wednesday, it felt good. That must have to do with the profusion of fruit and vegetables that are being harvested right now.

frog holler

Lots of loveliness.  Sweetpeas at one stand, gorgeous produce at Frog Holler (speaking of which, *always* has beautiful produce), the farmer with the red apron, who was not wearing the red apron, but did have a lovely new wood table he crafted himself and a xylophone hand forged by a friend of his.


Take that, supermarket. Try to have better looking carrots than these. I dare you.


GardenWorks always has sunflower shoots, which Zingerman’s buys for their twigs and berries salad. I love their salad so much, I make it at home. The sunflower shoots add a nice bit of green to the chewiness of the wheat berries.

sunflower shoots

Lots of beans right now. We’ve gotten tons in our farm share. None as pretty as these purple ones, though.


And my favorite time of the year: peaches. I have passed by the peaches in the supermarket for the past 10 months, just waiting for this time of year. There is just really nothing to compare with produce picked when it is ripe, then eaten the next day. If you’re not swayed by the environmental and economic benefits of eating local, you have to at least be swayed by the fact that food just tastes best when it’s eaten locally and seasonally.


As we left the market, the girl posed by the painted utility box. It kind of looks like one of the flowers is tucked behind her ear. By the way, well done, Ann Arbor. Take those unsightly boxes and turn them into art.

A and the utility box

A sign of one of the biggest changes around town: the new newsboxes. I am sorry I didn’t get any shots of the Ann Arbor News boxes before they were changed out. I am reserving judgement for the newspaper, but I am just not impressed with the website yet. **Edit: Or maybe I am judging their newspaper. There is no excuse for typos on the front page of the Sunday paper (or anywhere, for that matter). I was very disappointed to see that yesterday (8/2/09).


2 thoughts on “at the market – 29 July

  1. Let us hope gets better. Until then, make sure to check out Much, much better, but no food section.

  2. What lovely farmers market sentiments, Monet! I feel the same way about the Wed CSA pick-up vs Saturday excitement.
    Your pictures are making me hungry.

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