Howdy. I’m Monet. I’m a photographer, sometimes writer, wife to my best friend, mom to three amazing kids. I’m passionate about supporting public education. And camping. I love camping.

Ann Arbivore used to be my food blog. Way back when, I used to write about eating locally in Ann Arbor, how my family used up its CSA share, things like that. But now, I’m focusing on providing coverage of the Ann Arbor Public Schools Board of Education (BOE) meetings. From late 2012 to mid-2013, I was lucky enough to cover the BOE for the now defunct Ann Arbor Chronicle. Two years later, there’s a new Superintendent, two new trustees, and even more at stake.

I’ll be live-blogging each regular board meeting, doing my best to capture what is going on. Please tune in.



3 thoughts on “About

  1. I’m leaving this comment on your blog because of your interest in supporting local farming, organic farming and sustainable farming practices. I am trying to get the word out to the public regarding the plight of my friends, Jim and Linette Crosby. Their mint farm, which has been in their family since 1912 and is one of the oldest continually operating mint farms in the country, is scheduled to be foreclosed upon on August 15, 2009…ironically, during the annual St. Johns Mint Festival. To read about the “Battle of Mint Valley,” please visit http://www.peppermintjim.wordpress.com. I am asking for any help you can provide…notifying your readers of their plight, publicizing their website (www.getmint.com) and the National Dram Sale, advertising the Mint Jam ’09 benefit concert…anything at all is much, much, much appreciated! To see the latest news broadcast about the Crosby Mint Farm and it’s current situation, please visit http://www.wlaj.com/news/span-16641-farm-mint.html?referrer=facebook.

  2. I have been making Pho beef noodle soup and wasn’t able to make the soup exactly as the version found in my local vietnamese restaurant. I saw you also made a Pho chicken and wonder if you know how to make Pho beef soup the restaurant way.

    • I wish I knew how to make the beef pho. But the chicken one was delicious. I used the recipe from Jaden Hair’s “The Steamy Kitchen.” I recommend it.

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